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Scott Event Handler Naming Conflict with jQuery

I’m trying out Spine (and CoffeeScript) and encountered a problem setting up event handlers with my controller. Turned out to be caused by my choice of an event handler name.

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Scott Opera Labs Releases WebGL Preview

Fans of the Opera web browser and 3d graphics (of which I am both) have reason to celebrate.

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Scott Silent Death Ship Builder Goes Open Source

Silent Death is a fast and fun space combat miniatures game. Previously I began working on a browser-based ship builder app. That app is now open source, with code available on github.

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Scott Learning to Program Ruby

Ruby is a programming language that is both easy and powerful, and makes a good choice for someone learning to program. Whether you used to program and want to get back into it, or you’ve never programmed before, learning to program with Ruby is easy and fun.

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Scott Scriptaculous Sortable Drag and Drop Tree Fix

While Scripty2 looks great, drag and drop is still in development and I’m continuing to work with Sortables in Scriptaculous for the time being.

I’ve uncovered what looks like a drag and drop tree bug, and in this post I’ll go over the code to fix it.

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