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Scott ListFinity: The Gathering

…really it’s not so much a gathering, just me typing away and maybe the occasional contribution from my cat… ach, great, that’s really going to draw in the reader…

Thus begins my first real Ruby on Rails project.

With years of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS behind me, just enough PHP and SQL, plus a sojourn into Perl after some obligatory C++ (to say nothing of early youthful experiences with several flavors of Basic, Pascal, and later a college quarter’s inexplicable forced march into FORTRAN land), I’ve had the opportunity to handle a few different programming and web languages. After my original introduction to JavaScript, Ruby is the first programming language I’ve been excited about since. Rails (and the strong ties to Prototype and Ajax) is a significant part of the reason for my excitement.

But what to do to channel this energy? Instead of starting from a platform and finding a purpose to bend it to, I already had a problem to solve which felt perfect for applying Ruby and Rails. I had previously prototyped a solution in PHP but this time plan to go much, much further with a language and framework that should make the journey more fun.

The problem was this: how to best manage lists of… well, anything. The starting point is a to-do list, which 37 Signals pretty much nailed with the elegantly simple Ta-Da List. However much I appreciate this elegance of design, I can’t help but notice that it’s not exactly what I want.

The way I see it, there’s still room in the list manager space, and I intend to explore an area which covers familiar ground in a new and unique way.

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