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Scott Rename Opera Mail Labels

One of the many useful features in the Opera browser’s built-in mail client is called labels. You get seven of them to play with, but by default only a couple have useful names. Here’s how to change them to whatever you like.

Tested with Opera 9.51 on WinXP, but should work on any desktop platform and (I think) with any version of Opera containing labels

  1. Find your Opera language file: Click Tools, Preferences, then next to Language click the Details button. At the top of the new dialog the full path to your language file will be listed, something like: C:\Program Files\Opera\english.lng
  2. Make a copy: Navigate to the directory containing your language file, copy and paste the file, then rename the copy to something like “english-modified.lng”. This preserves the original in case you make a mistake while editing, and also makes migrating your changes easier when upgrading Opera.
  3. Change label names: Open the new language file for editing (Notepad works). Inside are contained essentially all language-specific strings in Opera, plus comments; this makes for a long file so you’re best off searching for one of the existing label names like “valuable” to find the right section. Once you’ve found it, you’ll see something like this:340864561="Important"
    1018805321="To Do"
    -1602395097="Send Reply"
    1827310912="Call Back"

    Just change the quoted text to your desired label names and save the file (note that “Party” is unused).
  4. Select the new file in Opera preferences: Back to Tools, Preferences, and click the Details button by language again. In the new dialog click Choose and navigate to your newly edited language file, select it and click OK, then OK on the language and preferences dialogs. Opera should immediately switch to show your renamed labels.

Not too difficult! The downside is that, because Opera’s language file is considered an application file and not part of your user profile, any Opera upgrade may make your modified language file out of date. Read Tamil’s posts about playing with the language file and merging for updates to find out more.

Check out my post on organizing email with Opera’s labels for tips on getting the most out of labels!

6 Responses to “Rename Opera Mail Labels”

  1. awake Says:

    can one add new labels to Opera instead of just renaming the default ones that come with it?

  2. Good question; as far as I’m aware the answer is no, unfortunately. Maybe in the future they’ll provide that option, it would be nice to allow at least three more (the shortcut for assigning a label is l then #key).

  3. awake Says:

    Does opera have a place where users can suggest features?

    I love the browser, but men they need to find a way to integrate plugins like mozilla does.

  4. Official Opera wishlist (for desktop versions)

    There’s also a wishlist on the wiki

    Regarding plugins, I have mixed feelings. Certainly Firefox’s extensions play an important part in its popularity. Yet out of the box Opera is a much more full-featured Internet suite; as a single application I find it very well designed in a way that’s hard to match by combining plugins of various authors.

    Of course, if you must have a feature that Opera does not have built in, you could:

    • Use another browser with a plugin which supplies the feature
    • Look for a widget implementing the feature
    • Look for a similar feature implemented with user JavaScript (many Greasemonkey scripts also work with Opera)
  5. Is there a way how to ‘simulate’ email folders in Opera 10? Labels don’t seem to be a good substitute, and I can’t find an option to create email subfolders. Thanks

  6. What you’re looking for is Opera mail filters, which can work like folders – but can also be much more powerful.

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