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Scott JavaScript Event Delegation

Coding interactive behavior into “dumb” HTML elements is one of the basic scenarios for JavaScript use. The standard method is usually to hunt through the DOM looking for elements of a certain id or class and attach an event handler function directly to each one.

For most types of events, there’s a better way: Event Delegation. At the basic level it involves attaching an event delegation function to a parent element, then catching events which bubble up and passing them off to specific handlers based on the event’s target.

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Scott JavaScript Check All Checkboxes

Have you ever used a site with a bunch of checkboxes, and you needed to check all of the checkboxes but they didn’t provide that feature directly in their user interface? You might shrug, and click away until the job is done… or use the “JavaScript command line” aka your browser’s address bar, to do it the power-user way.

I realize that may not be a common problem, but in my day job I kept running into it while adding hundreds of keywords at MSN’s adCenter (wanting all of them to use all match types).

Hasn’t someone else already solved this problem? Seems very likely, but my searches were only pulling up examples of “check all” functions to use on your own site, so after a bit of coding I present to you my check-all checkboxes function:

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