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Scott Silent Death Ship Builder Goes Open Source

Silent Death is a fast and fun space combat miniatures game. Previously I began working on a browser-based ship builder app. That app is now open source, with code available on github.

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Scott Hexmap Coordinates the Easy Way

When it comes to turn-based strategy games, I’ve long preferred hexes over a square grid. Naturally in working on my own projects I want to use hexes… but at first glance it seems the coordinate system for hexes must be much more complicated.

It’s actually easier than you’d think, I’ll show you how.

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Scott Comet for Web Games

For those not familiar with Comet, you’re either not a front end web developer or you’ve been kept in the dark. To sum it up quickly, Comet is a technology like Ajax. While Ajax basically consists of an asynchronous request by the client to the server, followed by the server’s response, Comet is a bit different. In Comet the client establishes a connection (or makes a request) to the server, and then generally keeps that connection open for the server to send responses back to the client on its own schedule.

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